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Baltimore County leaders continue Master Plan discussion

Baltimore County Councilmembers continued their discussion of the Master Plan in a work session Tuesday.

"We believe it's a solid document that does represent what we've heard the residents of the county want for their future," said Baltimore County Planning Director Steve Lafferty.

The Master Plan designates certain areas called "nodes." According to the Master Plan, nodes are "considered most strategic for retrofitting efforts. They are predominantly located along aging neighborhood centers, major arterials, near transit hubs, or large greyfield sites. The Nodes will consist of walkable redevelopment with mid to higher-residential density and a mix of uses."

Lafferty said those areas were determined by using various metrics and data points.

"It is the core retrofit area that's been identified for the potential redevelopment," Lafferty said. "The node includes residential and adjacent commercial showing people's access to that core area. So many people unfortunately think that the node identifies places for redevelopment."

"The node for instance, around what it could be Lutherville Station goes into the neighborhoods. We don't anticipate redevelopment in the neighborhoods," he added.

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