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Gov. Wes Moore: ‘Housing must come first’ | GUEST COMMENTARY

Maryland is facing a housing crisis. And it isn’t just hurting some of us, it’s hurting all of us. Maryland is currently ranked the seventh most expensive state to live in — driven largely by sky-high housing costs. Nine in 10 Marylanders say that housing affordability presents a real obstacle, and a third of Marylanders aged 18 to 34 are thinking about leaving the state due to a lack of affordable, accessible housing.

This crisis isn’t just affecting individual lives and livelihoods; it also diminishes our economic strength. The comptroller’s State of the Economy report found that Maryland’s economy grew at a rate of just 1.6% compared to 13.9% nationally, driven in part by the “availability of affordable housing for lower- and middle-income households.”

Marylanders are calling on us to act, to provide a stable housing market and more affordable options for all. Doing nothing is simply not an option. According to a new poll commissioned by Greater Greater Washington, 72% of Maryland voters think that state government should do more to improve access to rental and homeownership opportunities. We have an obligation to heed their calls and tackle this issue head-on.

Our administration has assembled the most comprehensive housing package that any Maryland administration has introduced in years. And our plan addresses the housing crisis at its source: the withering supply. Since the 2008 Great Recession, our state has not built new homes at an adequate pace to keep up with demand. The result is a staggering housing shortage of approximately 96,000 housing units — and counting. Our agenda helps us narrow this gap.

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