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In Baltimore County, a failing grade on school overcrowding | STAFF COMMENTARY

On Thursday, the Baltimore County Council is expected to vote on (and likely pass) Bill 31-24, legislation intended to address overcrowded school districts. In a nutshell, the measure would revise the countyʼs Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance to gradually restrict development near schools that are judged to be over capacity. It would further create an 11-member committee of individuals representing the school system, the county executive and the County Council to examine more closely any proposed developmentʼs impact on local schools.

Should this group grant a waiver, a development might move forward. Should it not, it might yet move forward after a 5-year waiting period, which would, in theory, give

the county time to resolve overcrowding.

Thereʼs only one thing wrong with the legislation. Itʼs woefully inadequate.

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