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Lutherville Station Releases Economic Impact Data for Proposed Lutherville Station

Report estimates 2,100 jobs, $325 million in economic activity, and $4 million in annual repeatable tax revenue for the Baltimore County project, Detailed analysis on project’s website:

Lutherville Station LLC released an economic impact study for the proposed Lutherville Station Transit Oriented Development at the current site of the Lutherville light rail station on West Ridgely in Timonium, Maryland.

The study, conducted by Richard Clinch, PhD, Executive Director of the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore, notes the significant $325 million impact the project will have on job creation and tax revenue for Baltimore County and the State of Maryland. The report was commissioned in 2022 and was included in the transit-oriented development proposal submitted to Baltimore County for a recommendation to the State of Maryland for approval of the TOD designation.

Read the full article on CityBiz here.


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